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By admin • • 4 Feb 2012


2.The TinaCity Project



OWN-THE-ROOM ENTERTAINMENT began as an idea from the mind of Carl Ducena, Principal Creator of the OWN-THE-ROOM ENTERTAINMENT Project.  Carl had a dream. He felt that the public should know what really happens in the process of becoming an entertainer. Whether you are a singer, a model, a comedian or have found your way into this business in another capacity, the road to success can be hard and long. In Carl’s view, there was not enough in the media that provided any information on the process of being a part of this business or even chasing your dreams.  The “American Idol,”  “X Factor,” “Americas Next Top Model,”  “So You Think You Can Dance” show types, really did not provide a solid picture of the process.  These talents, good or bad are already chosen, but what about the hundreds who don’t make it, or don’t even bother to get in line, or even those who don’t know how to go about doing it.  The media celebrates those who succeed and then shows very little about how, when or why they did it….

Walking the streets of New York, it kept coming back to him; that part of the process was a story to tell.  From start to finish, what it takes to be an entertainer.  The rehearsals, the workouts, the auditions, the rejections, the jealousy and all the other obstacles each person who is trying to make it has in front of them that effect the decisions they make to either to continue the journey or end it right there and then. Then he met Darra “Like Dat” Boyd and the pieces began to come together.

When Carl met Darra the idea became a reality.  Not just the idea for a series, but also a focused way of life. Something substantial could now be placed on paper to present to those who just might be interested dedicating time to tell this story.  With her background in marketing and advertising and her time working in the reality TV genre there was no better a business partner to choose.

Teaming up w/ Joe Aspromonti w/ his many years of experience, behind the scence on some of the Hottest TV shows and Movies filmed NYC and L.A. gives the OTR ENT Team the much needed behind the scenes wisdom needed to make OWN THE ROOM ENTERTAINMENT a HIT TV show.

Carl Ducena / Your Majesty KC, Darra ” Like Dat’ Boyd, Joe Aspromonti and the rest of the OTR ENT hand picked Team, became a Reality Show idea that’s destined to Help, Inspire, Motivate, Empower and Entertain the World. OWN THE ROOM BABY, OWN IT!!!!